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When the Emperor Kahless II left for the stars, he promised to return one day when he was most needed.   In his absence, the New House of Kahless carries on the duties of the Empire, keeping the Emperor's name alive and his fleets flown.   The most loyal servants of the Empire have pledged their swords, their disruptors, and their honor to the Emperor.   Join us, and pave the path to a Glorious Destiny!

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The New House of Kahless has withdrawn from the Alliance

Garoul of Srat, Jan 24, 11 7:51 PM.
Due to a changing focus amongst its membership and leadership, The New House of Kahless is no longer an active member of the KDF Alliance.  However, we believe the Alliance is a positive force in the Klingon faction, and wish them the best success.

KDF Alliance Meetings moved to Sunday

Garoul of Srat, Dec 4, 10 9:09 AM.
The KDF Alliance meetings have been moved to Sunday.   All Klingon faction participants are welcome to attend, even if they don't have voting status in the Alliance.   Q'apla!

New Ventrillo Server

Garoul of Srat, Nov 26, 10 10:31 AM.
Due to the changes following the recent election, our Ventrillo has been moved to:  Port: 4007


KDF Alliance Meeting Tonight

Garoul of Srat, Nov 22, 10 9:11 AM.
Come and see the Alliance political machine in action.   All Klingons are welcome, even if you don't have a vote.  Q'apla!

This Evening's Fight Night was Well Fought

Garoul of Srat, Nov 14, 10 3:42 AM.
Korax appeared and showed his usual battlefield prowess, but the New House of Kahless was represented with Honor.   I flew the new B'rel with success in the Challenge, making me optimistic about this refit ship design.  Q'apla!
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Now recruiting all citizens of the Empire, including Romulans who have defected from the Romulan government and sworn fealty to the Chancellor and Emperor. **************************************** This is an adult roleplay fleet. Rated NC-17 No one under 17 allowed.
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